Safe Surfing With Ubuntu

Like with any operating system today, there are always going to be potential targets for exploit. Buffer overflows, stack overflows, sloppy code, user errors — the list just keeps going. To counter this, I’m going to show you how to take simple steps to ensure that you are utilizing commonsense safety strategies for safer Ubuntu computing.



Appnr The Web-based Package Browser

Appnr is a web-based tool and a service that install applications on Ubuntu.


Recover Forgotten Ubuntu Password without reinstalling

If you forgot you password for your ubuntu system you can recover using the following steps

Ubuntu Unleashed

Setting up NFS (Network File System) share on Ubuntu

This post summarizes steps I’ve done to setup a NFS share on Ubuntu 8.10 VM host and mount it on an another Linux machine.


Install lm-sensors and sensors-applet Ubuntu Linux

How to install lm-sensors? This tools can detect your hardware parameters, such as temperatures, fan speed, and voltages.


Google Gadgets for Ubuntu 8.10

Get mobile broadband on your Linux laptop

Mobile telecoms companies are now pushing “mobile broadband” in the form of a connection that uses the 3G mobile phone networks. While the bandwidth available can be variable, you don’t need massive bandwidth for most tasks, as long as it has sufficient throughput for the main business tasks: email, Facebook and YouTube.

That leaves us a few questions. Has mobile productivity come of age? How do these systems work? What sort of coverage and speeds do they provide? Most importantly, do they work with Linux?