Install Netgear wireless card WG311v3 on Ubuntu 8.10 64 Bit

Driver for and a howto for installing the Netgrear WG311v3 on 64 bit Ubuntu 8.10.



Network Manager unable to connect to PPTP VPN

Install kvpnc, configure and you are good to go.


Flickering video with Compiz

I was able to get video playback working in Vlc player by changing the video output module to x11. Hope a fix comes soon. I’m using the mediaplayerconnectivity plugin for firefox to stream wmv, real player, and quicktime formats in x11 as well flash seems fine.

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Intrepid Bootup dumped into busybox console

I solved my problem simply adding ‘rootdelay=130’ in grub config, exactly at the end of the kernel parameter (/boot/grub/menu.lst)

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Bluetooth mouse won’t work after a restart/standby

In Bluetooth manager change visibility setting away from ‘Always visible’ and then back to ‘Always visible’, mouse should be automatically detected again.

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Better Bluetooth Audio

Get A2DP audio streaming to your Bluetooth headset.