Backup Your Ubuntu Machine Easily with SBackup

SBackup is a simple backup solution for the Ubuntu desktop. It allows you to backup selected files and directories, define the file size limit, use regular expressions to exclude files and folders, and much more. These backups can then be saved locally, on removal media or even on remote directory.



Understanding xorg.conf

For most Linux users the xorg.conf file is one of those files that makes many Linux users cringe with fear upon the threat of having to configure. There is a reason for that, it’s complex. But when you have an understanding of the pieces that make up the whole puzzle, configuring X Windows becomes much, much easier.


Safe Surfing With Ubuntu

Like with any operating system today, there are always going to be potential targets for exploit. Buffer overflows, stack overflows, sloppy code, user errors — the list just keeps going. To counter this, I’m going to show you how to take simple steps to ensure that you are utilizing commonsense safety strategies for safer Ubuntu computing.


Recover Forgotten Ubuntu Password without reinstalling

If you forgot you password for your ubuntu system you can recover using the following steps

Ubuntu Unleashed

Most Common Mistakes made by Linux Administrators

This article will help you avoid those mistakes by laying out the most typical Linux missteps.

Backyard Geek

Howto Reformat My External Hard disk to install Ubuntu

4. Mark_in_Hollywood Says:

Using the LiveCD of any distribution with one, such as: Knoppix, Ubuntu or GParted LiveCD, boot into the live session.

Look in /media for your drives. Single click each drive you see. Once the icon is highlighted, right click and see if the drive is mounted.

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10 ways to reduce removable media headaches in Linux

If you’ve shied away from Linux because of the hassle of working with removable media, you may want to take another look. Thanks to automation — and with the help of these tips — you may find that removable media is downright user friendly.