Backup Your Ubuntu Machine Easily with SBackup

SBackup is a simple backup solution for the Ubuntu desktop. It allows you to backup selected files and directories, define the file size limit, use regular expressions to exclude files and folders, and much more. These backups can then be saved locally, on removal media or even on remote directory.



Ubuntu App Centre

Ubuntu is currently developing a centralised “App Store” to simplify the adding/removing/updating/configuring of software within Ubuntu.


Install lm-sensors and sensors-applet Ubuntu Linux

How to install lm-sensors? This tools can detect your hardware parameters, such as temperatures, fan speed, and voltages.


Google Gadgets for Ubuntu 8.10

Setting up Sun VirtualBox 6 under Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

With my new Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid test setup, I decided to try Sun’s VirtualBox virtualization system. I chose Sun’s distribution over the OSE version primarily because of its improved USB support. Both are free, but Sun’s version sports some proprietary code to improve USB and network performance.

Reformed Musings

10 Things Songbird Does That iTunes Can’t

Songbird’s unique features make it a great media player in the Web 2.0 world. It is a flexible tool that belongs in the toolkit of any musician who explores new music online.


Installing ubuntu-system-panel (USP) On Ubuntu 8.10

ubuntu-system-panel is a simple launcher for the GNOME desktop, providing easy access to Places, Applications and common configuration items for your computer. This guide shows how to install and configure it on an Ubuntu 8.10 desktop.