Livestation Video Streaming Application

Watch live, interactive TV and radio on the Livestation player

The world’s leading TV channels

There are two types of channels you can watch on the Livestation player, our partner channels and those added by other Livestation viewers.

Partner channels: available in high quality, our partner channels currently include Al Jazeera English, BBC World, Bloomberg Television, C-SPAN, Deutsche Welle, euronews, France 24, ITN and Russia Today. Visit our partner channels page for a full list.

All of our partner channels can be watched on our website (you will need to be logged in), to access the features listed below you will need to download the player.

Add your own channels: Livestation also enables viewers to add any web streams to their own personal Livestation player. These channels may not have the same picture quality as the Livestation partner channels. A Livestation viewer, Bernard Maltais, created this excellent tutorial.

Live interactive chat in the Livestation player

Live chat can take place alongside all Livestation content, so if you are watching a programme and want to talk about it, you can invite your friends to join you or chat to people already in the chat room*.



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